aspens dying in NE Laramie

Asked August 20, 2019, 9:46 PM EDT

What is the cause of aspens dying in the Alta Vista neighborhood of NE Laramie? We water our aspen and they have survived longer than many, but now the leaves are yellow,some branches are bare, and there is a fine black deposit on the ground under the trees. What can we do? If they die can we replant aspen, or will the same problem reoccur?

Albany County Wyoming

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It is hard to say what is exactly going on with your aspens without seeing the trees in person or looking at pictures. The Laramie area has a lot of issues with iron deficiency in aspens which appears as yellow leaves and can cause trees to loose their leaves in certain scenarios The trees could also be experiencing some issues related to heat and water stress late in the summer. It is great to hear you have been watering the trees. I am also not sure what the black deposit is on the ground without a visual aid.

I am available to make a house call and look at the trees Thursday or Friday this week. I can also try to assess what is going on with pictures.

Aspen trees do tend to struggle in the the Laramie area and do not have a long life expectancy. We have a recommended list of trees for Wyoming I am more than happy to discuss potential options for your property depending on what the site looks like.



It would be great to have you look at our aspen at 1495 Apache Drive in the Indian Hills/Alta Vista neighborhood. The affected trees are left of the front door and behind the house (visible from the alley). You will notice similar trees in most yards.

i can be home Thursday afternoon or hear from you by email, whichever is more convenient for you.

thank you,
Carol Frost

Hi Carol,

I will have time to meet Thursday afternoon. If you would like to just email me a time that works for you that would be great. I am traveling today and tomorrow. I won't have email access, but will plan to leave my schedule open for Thursday afternoon.


Lets meet at 3 pm at my house Thursday. Thank you very much for your time and expertise.

Thanks for meeting this afternoon. I misspoke, the imidacloprid you have will work for control. I didn't remember it working, but it looks like it should be a viable option.
Here is the information regarding the aphid control:

Here is another resource on common diseases of aspens. The blight section gives an overview of some of the issues we looked at today.


Brian, thank you so much for coming out and assessing our poor aspens, and for the advice on replacement trees and resources you've sent here. We really appreciate it. Thank you again! Carol

Glad I could help.
Have a great weekend.