wanna go "native"

Asked August 20, 2019, 4:06 PM EDT

I am interested in changing my garden into more natives. I recently removed an overgrown, but gorgeous threadlike false cypress and have been trying to learn where I might learn about "look similar" shrubs to plant in its stead. Might you guide me?

Montgomery County Maryland

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We encourage you to include more native plants into your landscape. But trying to replace non-native ornamental plants with native equivalents could prove to be difficult and frustrating. In many cases, a native equivalent is not available which is the case with your false cypress.
Native plants tend to give the garden a more natural, less structured look.
It might even be easier to dedicate one area of your landscape to native plants but certainly, they can also be a part of your overall landscape plan.
Since you live in Montgomery County consider visiting Brookside Gardens. There is an area near the visitor center planted with natives or ask at the information desk for some guidance. Montgomery County Master Gardeners, who some of them are very knowledgable about native plants, answer questions at Brookside. The following is a link to information about when they are there, https://extension.umd.edu//mg/locations/plant-clinics
I am sure they can provide some help.
In the meantime, the following are some links for you with information about native plants in our area,