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Asked August 20, 2019, 3:43 PM EDT

My son owns 10 acres in Eaton County. He has planted a chestnut orchard. He is the question. We help him out by mowing, and there is an awful weed that has taken over the back. The brush mower won't even go through it. It is about 3 feet tall, super thick, the stems are almost "sticky" and they have tiny prickers. There are tiny round pinkish white flowers at the top of the stems. The stems are so strong that like I said even the brush mower couldn't get through. The plants are super dense. What could it be and more importantly how do we get rid of it. I do not have a close up picture.

Eaton County Michigan

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Hmm--always tough without pics but sounds like maybe Canada thistle or stinging nettle?

Check out these sites to see which one you might have:

Stinging nettle http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn74146.html
Stinging nettle can be controlled with Goal 2XL or Trellis herbicides, both of which should be applied in the spring--refer to their labels for specific instruction.

Canada thistle https://oregonstate.edu/dept/nursery-weeds/feature_articles/thistles/thistles.html
Canada thistle can be control by tilling before seed heads form or spot treating with Roundup in the spring when plants are small. It will likely take a few applications.

These herbicides can easily damage young trees and should be applied in accordance with the label.

If you don't think it is either of those, please feel free to upload a pic of the weed.

There is stinging nettle on the property-this is something different. Here is the only picture I have. I hope you can give us some advice as to how to get it under control. Thanks

That picture is really blurry--if you can send me a better pic that includes up close images of the flower and leaves that will help. It is important to ID it correctly.

We will be going back to mow in about a week and a half. I will take better pictures then so we can find out what this plant is. I truly appreciate your help.

Sounds good—feel free to email me directly at taylo548@msu.edu