What is wrong with this Maple Tree?

Asked August 20, 2019, 10:39 AM EDT

Our client brought in some leaves from his maple tree to see what is wrong with it. The leaves are turning colors around the edges. He has two trees next to each other and they are both effected. They are about 40 ft tall and about 20 ft from the road. None of the branches are dying and the leaves haven't fallen yet. It is unknown if this has happened in previous years since they have just moved in a month ago but they started changing colors two weeks ago. Thanks

Alpena County Michigan

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There have been multiple reports of maples with similar symptoms. Lack of water could be a problem. Two other maladies fit these symptoms. Hot temperatures, low soil moisture, drying winds, lawn fertilizer, winter road salt, can lead to leaf scorch. This will usually be in the upper crown on the south and windward side of the tree. A similar more severe problem would be bacterial leaf scorch. Check out the following links:
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