Tiny green bugs

Asked August 19, 2019, 5:40 PM EDT

Hi. I live in a condo with a back patio that has recently been infested with these tiny bright green bugs that have six legs and two long tentacles. I have no plants nearby, just three large trees whose leaves hang over mulched area to provide shade. There are thousands of them all over my wood table, chairs, and grill cover. After doing research on line, I thought that I’d identified them as aphids, but even after treatment they persist! It’s to the point where I cannot enjoy my patio anymore....every time I sit down they’re all over me! I can attach a picture if this site will allow me. Close up they resemble a tiny spider or beatle. The squish easily, and seem to change appearance and color as they grow. I just hosed down my entire porch, mulch, and trees but they’re back on my chair again even after using a mixture of warm water, dish soap and Chyanne pepper. Please help! Thanks, Cindy

Trumbull County Ohio

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They look like aphids to me as well. You mentioned you tried cayenne and dish soap. My searching has found that they are generally flightless, but when food sources are scarce, they can develop wings to allow them to travel to better feeding grounds.

Additionally, you can try using alcohol OR diatomaceous earth. https://www.almanac.com/pest/aphids
you can be brutal, since you are not worried about any plants. I would start with the alcohol, put it in a spray bottle and apply with abandon. Your local big box store will have the 90% alcohol for a decent price in the pharmacy area. The diatomaceous earth should take care of whatever insect it is (if it is not actually an aphid) but it can be harder to find.