Rasberry (Rubus Idaeus) won't flower or produce berries.

Asked August 19, 2019, 4:32 PM EDT

I have raspberry bushes I planted 4 years ago. They are big healthy bushes and are sending out new bushes, but have never flowered or produced fruit. I had the soil tested and it came back with a ph of 8.2. The testing only recommended adding some fertilizer with nitrogen twice a year. What can I add to lower the soil ph? And any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks CL

Uinta County Wyoming

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One question - are the canes being pruned and if so when? This can have a dramatic impact on the fruit production.

One way to lower the pH is to add sulfur fertilizer. Otherwise using water that is not contaminated with particulates and salts may help.

The canes have been pruned in the fall, but I left a few as that was what I thought I was supposed to do. But those canes that I left winter killed.
I will try adding sulfur fertilizer. And let me know what I should do as far as pruning.

Rubus Idaeus produce primocanes the first year and floricanes the second year. If the primocanes are cut off or floricanes are cut before they flower it can never produce fruit. Maybe leave all the canes from this year and see if you get flowering and fruit next year. If they do flower and produce fruit then remove those canes and leave the next set of primocanes to become floricanes in the subsequent year.

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