Invasive wetland tree/bush?

Asked August 19, 2019, 11:43 AM EDT

We have a problem with a wetland tree/bush invading our yard. What kind of tree/bush is it and what can we do to stop it? We live along a wetland. We first noticed several off shoots popping up through the sod. Now we found an expansive root system underneath the sod. Roots are woody and dime-sized in diameter running horizontally throughout, just beneath the sod. Mature trees/bushes in wetland perimeter are woody and tree-like: 10 feet tall. Immature bushes are 5-7 feet tall. Long skinny leaves. Haven’t noticed berries, fruit, or flowers. Any advice on what this is and how to stop it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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This is willow:

This is from the DNR:

Shoreland Regulations

Minnesota's Shoreland Management Program guides land development along Minnesota’s lakes and rivers to protect their ecological, recreational, and economic values. The state shoreland rules (MR 6120.2500 - 6120.3900 ) establish minimum standards to protect habitat and water quality and preserve property values. These standards are implemented through local shoreland ordinances.

Anyone who owns land along a lake or river should contact their local county, city, or township with questions about the standards and permit requirements that apply to their property.

The DNR’s role is to ensure that local shoreland ordinances comply with the state shoreland rules and to provide technical assistance and oversight to these local governments.

You will need to contact the DNR before you attempt to remove it. Here is contact information: