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Asked August 18, 2019, 7:25 PM EDT

I planted 2 different tomato plants in a pro gro type container. All of the nutrients were in a separate tube laid on top of the planting soil. I faithfully watered it every day but plant has had an abundance of yellow flowers but no tomatoes. Is the extremely hot weather the cause of not producing any tomatoes?

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Hi- sorry to hear about your tomato woes. We see crabgrass and stiltgrass in the photos and can barely make out some type of container. Hot weather (especially when evening temperatures are in the 70-80 degree range) can cause pollination/fertilization problems leading to blossom drop and failure to fruit. It looks like your plants were next to a hard surface walkway which could further increase the temperature around the plants.

Each container tomato plant requires about 5-gallons of growing media. It seems that weed growth and other factors also contributed to poor growth.

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I’m sorry but I sent you the wrong picture.
i am sending the correct pictures of my 2 tomato plants and the literature information on my Grow Box that I have them planted in.

Hi- we assume this is a type of self-watering container. Two tomato plants are ok for this size container. Although there is a reservoir of water for the plant roots to grow in these types of containers need to be watered at least a few times each week during the hottest part of the season when large plants are growing and using a lot of water.

Keep the plants happy and hopefully they will continue to flower and produce fruit with a drop in day and evening temperatures.