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Asked August 18, 2019, 5:29 PM EDT

Hello, I have a grass in my lawn that is much shorter and softer than the rest of the grass(es) in the lawn and I was hoping to identify it because I LOVE it and would love to have the entire yard with this species! Prior to us living here the home was vacant for three years and a large part of the yard, this area included, was overgrown like a field. We have horrendous clay soil, the worst I've ever dealt with. In the third photo, the furthest away from the yard image, it's the top half of it, the green grass!

Mahoning County Ohio

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Thank you for the picture. Some grasses may be ruled out, but they do not provide enough detail to sufficiently narrow down an identification. Subtle distinctions in details often make a large difference, as you will see in the linked articles. You may be able to make the identification by looking closely at the plants using the articles for guidance. One picture, such as in the picture you sent, may not be sufficient to ascertain a representative feature. The PennState Extension article first discusses, with drawings, the features you need to evaluate, then provides drawings and listed features of various species: The Ohio State Turfgrass Identification key guide you to the species in steps, with some drawings, definitions and a listing of characteristics:

To use the key, first determine which ligule your grass has among the #1 options, then look at the #2 vernation options for that type of ligule, After determining the vernation, proceed from level to level in the same manner, evaluating the options only lower than your last determination. A magnifier may help. As noted earlier, I recommend looking at a few samples to make a representative identification.

Other possible means of identification include taking a sample to a knowledgeable garden center or asking whether the OSU Extension for Mahoning County will look at it: 490 South Broad St., Canfield, OH 44406, Phone: 330-533-5538.

Thank you for your question.