fell a precarious pine?

Asked August 18, 2019, 2:35 PM EDT

My house came with a white pine in the front yard, planted injudiciously by a homeowner who missed the north woods. To reach for sunlight around the shade of old red maples in the neighbors' yard, it has grown at an angle about 20 degrees shy of vertical. Adding to the lopsided appearance and weight distribution, the limbs on the lee side of the shade grow prodigiously, while almost nothing grows under the adjacent maple. The maple is beginning to die back from proximity to the pine, as well. The pine has also eclipsed the sunlight that used to reach a small cherry tree planted 10 years ago with my wife's ashes, and that tree will certainly die soon if it remains so. I'm regretfully inclined to remove the pine and replace it with some shade-tolerant, bird-friendly plantings. Based on the attached photo, would you endorse such a plan? Appreciatively, Chris Nolan

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thank you for your question. Certainly if it is determined there is a safety issue with a tree, we'd recommend addressing that first. If there are no safety issues, then this may become a decision of personal preference, priority (which sounds like is the cherry tree in this case), and space needs of the existing plantings (considering full grown sizes). A certified arborist can also be helpful in evaluating your site and any concerns in person. https://extension.umn.edu/planting-and-growing-guides/how-hire-tree-care-professional