Crepe myrtle Beetle

Asked August 18, 2019, 1:28 PM EDT

I have had a potted Natchez white crepe myrtle for years It is 12 feet tall and the pot is 36 inches across For the past 4-5 years I have noticed semicircular chew pattern in the leaves yet still got blooms. I have only ever seen one or two beetles and nothing else is bothered in the patio including another crepe myrtle This year however the chewing has encompasses all the foliage no blooms and I noticed only two beetles at this point one dead and one flying Can you make some suggestion how to combat the lifestyle If this beetle without necessarily taking the tree out of the pot? Don’t know what to do when I looked up the beetle I found it resembled a Junebug. Thank you for your help

Baltimore Maryland

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Please send photos of the whole tree, affected foliage, and the beetle so we can see what you are dealing with.


Hello thank you
i have only found one dead beetle this summer and this is you enlarge the leaf structure photo you can see the ravaged leaves but not
totally stripped but a
semi circular bite pattern
thank you for looking into it

Photo on the left - This looks like a June beetle and is not causing the leaf damage. The notching on the leaves looks like it was made by the leaf cutter bee. They do little damage and no control is necessary. See more

The tree is not happy in its location and in the small container. A small contaier limits root growth. The tree also looks like it is reaching for the light. You did not mention the site sun versus shade. Crape myrtles grow best in full sun in a well drained soil. If the location gets less than 8 hours of full sun bloom will be sparse.

It is important to match the plant to the site and plan for mature height and width. This tree grows over 20 feet tall. Any major pruning may affect the natural form of the tree. If the area does not provide full sun, you may want to select another plant for this area and the container. If you decide to keep it, the tree will have to be replanted in a larger container or plant in the ground.
Here is some information on Natchez.