Pruning Jade

Asked August 18, 2019, 1:27 PM EDT

What are your best tips for pruning a smaller Jade plant?

Washington County Oregon pruning jade

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Your jade plant looks very healthy, and it has a nice, balanced shape. It's a good idea to plan what you want it to look like as it grows and matures, then to take the appropriate steps when needed to train it into that shape.

There are two types of pruning cuts: 1. Heading cut - cutting across a branch. Pinching a plant is this kind of cut. This cut promotes bushiness as it stimulates more growth from the cut. 2. Thinning cut - removes a branch back to another branch or the trunk. This cut forces the plant's energy into the rest of the plant, instead of stimulating localized growth. Use this cut to open up the middle of the plant to air or to clean up the branch structure. Take less than 30% off of the plant in any one year. More cuts lead to a dramatic reaction from the plant and vigorous, not always controlled growth.

You can use these cuts to create more growth and/or to shape the tree. Go slowly, plan your cuts carefully and take your time. This article has additional information, How to Prune a Jade Plant There are also classes available on pruning. Portland Nursery has 2 on September 22, one on Japanese maples and one on bonzai techniques where you can bring your own plant. There are also videos, but except for this one, Pruning Jade Plants, they featured overgrown plants, which yours is not. Unfortunately, this video has no voice instructions.