Pacysandra choking rhododendron roots?

Asked August 18, 2019, 8:51 AM EDT

Does pacysandra choke out the roots of other plants? I have a planting with azalea's, rhododendrans, and boxwoods. Pacysandra has spread underneath and around the shrubs. One rhododendran is now dying. I wondered if it were dying due to thirst or perhaps the pacysandra wrapping around the plants.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Pachysandra is very thick and highly competative for water and nutrients. Established shrubs can usually compete with it, but rhododendrons and azaleas are shallow-rooted and certainly may need extra watering during dry spells as they get established.

Pachysandra is a non-native plant that is considered invasive and should not be allowed to spread near woods, parks or natural areas as it takes over and out-competes the native plants that our wildlife evolved to need.