Concolor Fir Thinning Out

Asked August 17, 2019, 4:32 PM EDT

Our Concolor Fir has started to drop interior needles the last few years and has had a significant increase in cone production as well as small dark growths on the underside of the branches. It still has new growth at the tips of the branches and the top of the tree, but it is not screening the neighbor's house like it was planted to do. We also have 5 other councolor firs in our yard and are concerned about the same thing happening to them. Thanks in advance for any guidance as to what to do.

Kent County Michigan

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I can't tell exactly what may be going on with your concolor fir from your photos. I would suggest you send in a sample to MSU Diagnostic Services -
there is a fee for this service.
A couple of thoughts - The small dark growths on the underside are the male pollen cones.
From your photos the tree looks very crooked. Could someone have backed into it or maybe there is an issue with the roots? We do see a needle blight that causes the interior needles to brown and drop off called Phyllositca .
The diagnostic lab can determine if that is the cause.