Contagious bugs

Asked August 17, 2019, 4:03 PM EDT

In my scalp, on my neck and back I have freq episodes severe pain especially in the sun my hair stands straight up in the middle, tirns from black, grey and white and particles fall off on it when I place them in a container they are slice and multiple with a white, gray or black vapor coming from them and multiple diff creatures are now in the container there’s were be large swollen areas on my neck and bAck with discoloration in brown or red where the pain was and it looks like worms under my skin no itching just pain I feel things moving in my scalp and when driving see changes in my hair st least every min I have a small incision on my groin from a lump only diagnosised as a large gisnt cell but now have pain there’s sometimes the pics show a brown web or worms coming from it with the pain I took samples of the water from the bathtub and it is still mobing like a transparent worm sometimes black looking I swear I’m not crazy and it is contaminated my house and u can see images on my clothes I have tried. Eiveruthing and it’s spreading my car windows have this white lines like glue that won’t come off please

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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I'm sorry to hear about your issues. We are an entomological service not a medical service. We cannot diagnose nor accept arthropod samples that have come off of a person.

We recommend that you go to your physician and/or a dermatologist for help.

Also, please see this link for more information that further discusses some of the symptoms you describe.