Fungi growth identification

Asked August 17, 2019, 1:39 PM EDT

I have an unusual growth that appears after a rain. It doesn't happen when i water with a sprinkler. It is always in the drip line area of white oak trees. Theese show up overnight and can be as large as 10 inches wide and go as deep as 12 inches. They are dense and firm inside but a little spongy. I have some pictures showing different aspects.

Washington County Oregon

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This fungus is Pisolithus ahrizus, with common names "Dead Man's Foot," "Dyers ball," and the like. It is used as the source of a purple dye, and in forest management as a mycorrhizal, symbiotic fungal inoculant for tree seedlings. The seed-like material are small pouches of spores. It is not edible.