wasps in grass and tree stump

Asked August 16, 2019, 11:58 PM EDT

I have what I think is a ground wasp which is very aggressive . Last year these same guys were in a tree stump... when I spray with wasp and hornet killer they were not fazed at all . Is there something that is more potent against them. I need help! Thank you., Theresa

St. Louis County Minnesota

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What you probably have are ground dwelling yellow jackets and they are easily irritated. Sprays do not work. You need to get the insecticide powder in the nest opening. That way as they do in and out of the nest, they are covered with the insecticide and also carry it back into the nest and transfer it to young. Most of these come in a squeeze container that shoots the powder. It is done in the evening. https://local.extension.umn.edu/local/le-sueur/master-gardeners/article/wasp-control-lawns