Unknown Unwanted Grass

Asked August 16, 2019, 4:53 PM EDT

Good afternoon....could you please identify the unknown grass in the attached picture. I would like to kill this grass without killing my normal tall fescue grass. Can you advice me as to what I should do? Thank you...tom

Howard County Maryland

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This looks like nimblewill. Nimblewill is native, perennial grass. It grows in patches, has narrow blades and sometimes a blueish cast to the color. In the fall the patches go dormant and turn tannish-brown.
The following is a link to our website with more information and control.


Thank you. How do I kill this grass without killing talk fescue grass?

Look at the link I sent under chemical treatment in lawns.
You do not have many options as there are not a lot of herbicides that selectively kill perennial grassy weeds.