crabapple trees dropping fruit

Asked August 16, 2019, 10:46 AM EDT

I have 2 'Red Splendour' crabapple trees that are about 25 years old each. I bought them as they have the tiny apples on them that are not supposed to drop from the tree, and up until last year they didn't. Last year both trees were loaded with apples, but at least 1/3 of them dropped throughout the month of August. I thought it was maybe due to too many apples. But now the trees are doing the same thing - is there a blight or disease going around affecting crabapple trees. My son (15 miles away) has a similar mini-crabapple tree that's about 15 years old and looks like it's dying - small leaves and smaller branches dying.

Stearns County Minnesota

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Your tree is most likely infected with apple scab. It can cause leaf and fruit drop. There is no treatment at this stage. Fungicides applied the spring can prevent it. But fungicides will not cure the disease once it is present. See the following website for more details: