Failure to fruit

Asked August 16, 2019, 10:22 AM EDT

I have grown raspberries successfully on this site for about 12years, 2-3 kilos from 6-7m of canes so I'm familiar with the fruiting cycle of both summer and autumn varieties.
Because the canes were looking tired and the yield was falling I replaced them in '16.
with Autumn Bliss, Cascade Delight, Malling Jewel. The plants grew well, 7+ft high and stalks 4-6 mm diameter but no blossom and no fruit. this has now happened in two successive years. There hasbeen Phytophthera in the soil but I control it with Aliette. if the canes were infected they would not grow so well.

Outside United States

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Please see the very informative garden note links below:\topics\fruits\1219-diagnosing-raspberry-problems\

According to the notes, raspberries should be moved to a new location if not
productive. I hope this helps answer your questions.