What’s killing my trumpet plant?

Asked August 16, 2019, 9:48 AM EDT

Hello, I live in dickinson, Tx. I water my Trumpet plant consistently. I do not fertilize more than twice a month. Lately my plants leaves have been turning yellow and appear to have something eating them. I sprayed an anti fungus anti mite and anti insect spray on my plant but it doesn’t appear to be helping. Can you tell me what would help save my plant or at least what’s wrong with it? I uploaded pictures of the product I began using when the leaves looked chewed on and the state of the leaves. Thank you

Galveston County Texas

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Good afternoon,

While it's difficult for me to make any kind of definitive ID or diagnosis from the pictures, I would suspect that you might have a problem with spider mites, which are common pests of brugmansia / trumpet plant. The following are two good resources for controlling mites. Washing the undersides of the leaves with high pressure water is very effective.


Your plant also appears to be deficient in nitrogen. Brugmansia are relatively heavy "feeders" and should be fertilized regularly. Osmocote Plus (slow-release fertilizer) will work well, while there are also organic options.

I hope this helps!

Thank you! I’m looking into the slow release fertilizer. I have been using a miracle grow fertilizer, but I’m happy to try something better. I put bioadvance (formally Bayer) on my plant and the chewed up leaves stopped expanding in number.

You're very welcome! I would imagine that the chewing was caused by some kind of incidental or passing insect like a caterpillar or grasshopper.