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Asked August 15, 2019, 3:45 PM EDT

Do you perform Soil tests? If so how should I collect and provide to your office. We just moved to a new house in a development. They stripped the top soil to gain the grade they wanted for the street. For my lawn they have laid sod in front and around the house and around the detached barn They sowed grass seed on the rest with a straw cover. Neither the grass seed or sod are doing well. The crab grass and nutsedge are doing well. The ground is clay and pools water. I have applied a liquid soil conditioner and plan to get top soil to spread over the lawn this fall and in the spring to amend the soil. I will also be applying weed killer and fertilizer this fall. Since this is a new yard I didn't know how soon I should apply the weed killer and fertilizer. Any guidance is appreciated. Carl Alvey

Bullitt County Kentucky

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We do send soil off to our lab in Lexington for testing. Take several small samples from the first 2-4 inches of the soil and mix them together so that we get a good average sample. We need approximately a pint of soil for the test (a sandwich size baggie will do) and it needs to be air dried before you bring it in. If you live in the county the test doesn't cost you anything.

I'm including links to some publications with information on lawn renovation that will assist you in reworking your lawn this fall. Go ahead and spray the herbicide. Depending on what kind you use, it generally takes 4-6 weeks before you can seed after using an herbicide. You will want to reseed immediately after that time period is up, somewhere around late September.

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