Hi, we moved to Copley from New Orleans. We have two questions: (1) what is...

Asked August 15, 2019, 11:11 AM EDT

Hi, we moved to Copley from New Orleans. We have two questions: (1) what is the best book to buy as a resource for home Gardner’s to use? And (2) we just had seed installed. Look at these weeds. These are mild compared to some we’ve pulled with the bloom. The purple weed was non responsive to broadleaf with crabgrass control, only responded to roundup. It’s everywhere! Many thanks!

Summit County Ohio

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There are so many gardening books that it would be difficult for me to suggest just one. Because many are specific to annuals, perennials, seasonals, vegetables, etc., I would recommend purchasing a Gardening Encyclopedia to start. This will give you a good overview of plants, trees, etc. I own both Wyman’s Gardening Encyclopedia as well as the American Horticultural Society’s Encyclopedia of Gardening and The AHS Encyclopedia of Gardening Techniques. For perennial gardening, I would choose the Well-Tended Perennial Garden: The Essential Guide to Planting and Pruning Techniques by Tracy DeSabato-Aust. For annuals, I own Annuals for Every Purpose: Choose the Right Plants for Your Conditions, Your Garden, and Your Taste by Larry Hodgson. It is kind of old, (2002) but it is very useful and has served me well.

Ohio State University Extension has Ohioline, a compendium of fact sheets about all things gardening, https://ohioline.osu.edu/. They also have Buckeye Yard and Garden Online Newsletters that are typically delivered every week to your email. To subscribe go to bygl.osu.edu/newsletter

Those are a few resources that I think will be of use. Not knowing your particular interests within gardening, I do not want to give you too many resources. It might be useful to browse the nearest public library to see any specific interests. In addition, when you are curious about something, you can always search the Internet. However, to give you the best and most timely information, use either .edu or put extension into your search engine. That way, you will get the most scientifically accurate information. Of course, you can always come back to this site and ask your questions.

Now, about your weeds and lawn. The first thing I would do is contact the person who installed your seed and tell them about the weeds. A few weeds are to be expected with any batch of seed, but this seems like an overly abundant crop for a new installation. I think it would be useful if your seed installer saw these pictures. This is not a normal occurrence and minimally, reseeding should be done.

The area that you showed in the picture looks overly dry. Weeds proliferate when the grass that was seeded does not have enough water and nutrients to prevent the weeds from taking over. Weeds are hardier that grass. In addition, it would be useful to find out what kind of grass seed was planted. The area should have been covered over with straw to keep in moisture and prevent birds from eating the seed.

If this were a small area, I would do the following:

1) Dig the area up completely and remove the weeds

2) Work in compost or manure to strengthen the soil and add nutrients

3) Reseed with a grass seed that you choose

4) Water the area well, several times a week

5) Mulch over the area with straw to keep the moisture in and the birds out.

This website, has an excellent information handout about lawn renovation and reseeding, https://www.extension.umd.edu/sites/extension.umd.edu/files/_images/programs/hgic/Publications/HG102%20Lawn%20Establishment%20Renovation%20Overseeding.pdf

I hope this is useful for you. Welcome to Ohio, I know you will enjoy it here.