Lacebark Elm disease?

Asked August 14, 2019, 5:33 PM EDT

Hi... I have several Lacebark elms with wounds that are killing branches. The wounds also seem to be on the trunks, too. The trees have good vigor and leaf color but something is attacking them. I’ve peeled back dead bark and found some sort of larvae chewing into the cambium. See pictures below. Thanks for the help.

Van Wert County Ohio

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Hi Van Wert County, Wow, I've never seen such canker growth on Lacebark Elm. I think the larvae that you have found are a secondary problem from the tree being in this condition. When the bark peels back and leaves a moist hiding place, the various insects start laying eggs and then they move in to feast on the moist sugar laden products going up and down the stem of the tree.

I really think that you should call a Certified Arborist in your area and have the person come and take a look at the trees. Maybe the Certified Arborist can make an assessment of the situation and give you some good advice on what to do. It may include removal of some of the worst trees to save the rest of them that are only slightly infected. You really need someone on the ground to come take a look at what is going on in your yard.

A Certified Arborist has to pass a test on all phases of tree care and take continuing education courses to maintain his license. They have seen a lot of problems with trees and can make a recommendation and/or take a sample and find out the best treatment or course of action. Don