dying cascara trees in SW Oregon ?

Asked August 14, 2019, 1:05 PM EDT

Cascara trees/shrubs of 10+ years old are dead and dying in the upper Winchuck River valley. I have lived there off and on for 77 years and used to peal the mature trees for chitam bark. I first notice the dying in 2015 but it seems to be continuing into 2019 . The trees are an importsant seasonal fruit source for wild pigeons, grouse, and song birds. Is the die off due to a fungus specific to cascara or Is it associate with sudden oak death infestation in T40S R13W ? Thank you, Bob Ludlum

Curry County Oregon

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Bob, this is a question for which I can only direct you to a couple other resources that may be of help as I can't say one way or the other. You may well want to send some pictures to them or cal them first:
(SOD) Randy Wiese, randall.s.wiese@oregon.gov , 541-294-8425, or Sara Nichols, sara.nichols@oregon.gov , 541-435-5031 or both at office: 541-469-5040 or
our OSU Extension regional forester: Norma Kline, Norma.Kline@oregonstate.edu , 541-572-5263x25294 .

Hi again Bob, just got this info and should have given you the email for Casara instead:

It’s a bit confusing, Casara is a SOD forester with ODF stationed in Brookings. Sarah Navarro is the ODF State forest pathologist stationed in Salem who oversees the SOD program in general.