barred rock chicken

Asked August 14, 2019, 12:07 PM EDT

I have 3 barred rocks which live in my urban back yard. One of them has developed a great difficulty walking - she is basically hobbling. I do not see any signs that she has 'bumblefoot.' She hobbles into the hutch at night - even somehow getting up on the perch. She hobbles out in the morning. Basically during the day she sits around, although I find her in various places of the backyard, so she is moving some. She eats and drinks and at least one time I know she laid an egg. It is heart breaking to watch her. Is there any kind of veterinarian available for chickens? What would you recommend. Valerie McIntosh

Marion County Oregon poultry chickens

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You can find vets that do poultry here

Is she a younger hen in her first year - this may be something genetic that is showing up as she matured.