My chippie is missing!

Asked August 13, 2019, 4:44 PM EDT

I have had a chipmunk come to my porch since May! He started hoarding under my stoop around mid July! I Didn’t see him for 4 days and then he popped out of a hole he made in my yard! Just the right distance for his burrow! He happily popped in and out and hoarded for weeks! I saw him last Monday! He didn’t come out Tuesday! Wednesday he came out for a short while! It’s been almost a week and I’m sad I haven’t seen him since! Should I assume he’s dead? Also, if he was a she and had babies (was getting a little thick) do they not leave the burrow for awhile after the babies are born? He was adorable and ate out of my hand! Should I hold out hope? He’s missed!

Chittenden County Vermont

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The Vermont Fish and Wildlife department offers "Tips for Protecting Wildlife" -- -- which may be helpful. that an expert answer. Makes no sense.


I apologize, as it appears that part of my original response to your question was omitted.

UVM Extension does not have wildlife experts on staff, nor do we attempt to answer those questions. Instead, we refer people to the appropriate and relevant agency for the question. In this case, it is the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife. That department encourages the public to appreciate wildlife with minimal interaction. The online information provided to you was intended to support that. I would encourage you to contact them with your question:

1 National Life Drive, Dewey Building
Montpelier, VT 05620-3208

Please accept my apologies for the incomplete first answer.