sumac ID

Asked August 13, 2019, 2:41 PM EDT

Hi- is this poison sumac ?

Leelanau County Michigan

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No, that is staghorn sumac. Poison sumac has white berries that are borne on fruiting structures at the leaf axil (where the compound leaf meets the stem).

Thank you Nate. So poison sumac has multiple fruiting structures where the leaf branches come out of the stem. Leaf structure is the same? What about size of the plants? Ive always liked Sumac as it looks so exotic adjacent to what I learned at MSU to be a michigan beach maple succession. Can you upload a photo better illustrate the distinctions? Many Thanksshows the distinctionss

I have uploaded the best photos I have of the two species. The first one is poison sumac, showing the white berries. As you can see, the fruits are quite distinctive. Plant size is not a reliable characteristic since it is more determined by soil conditions, nutrient levels, among other things.