One lonely lemon

Asked August 13, 2019, 2:36 PM EDT

I bought a grafted Meyer Lemon tree this past February. It had one lemon on it. During the spring it produced more lemons. About 25 survived. As I live in TX I’ve had to bring it inside my sunroom the last few weeks as our temps are hovering around 95-100. A few days ago my little lonely baby lemon from February started turning yellow!! So excited!! Now I’ve noticed the leaves around the fruit are turning yellow from the base and 3 have fallen off. Sunlight is plentiful. Not over watering. The ph is off around 7.5. I’ve tried adding citrus fertilizer to the soil but it doesn’t seem to raise the ph level and now is definitely not the time for repotting!! The other fruits are growing strong and beautiful. I’m so worried about her and don’t want to do the wrong thing!! In our sunroom we have an a/c unit that we run during the day to help keep the house cooler. Could that effect her?

Collin County Texas

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One of the important lemon-producing citrus areas of the US, is Yuma, AZ, where temps greater than 100 are commonplace in the summer. The message being that lemons should not have to be moved indoors in the summer in Texas, unless you cannot keep up with the concomitant tree water demand that comes with the heat. I believe your reduced light and reduced watering schedule (soil looks dry to me in photo) are creating added plant stress for this young tree. I recommend keeping it outdoors and watering to prevent root drying.
A pH of 7.5 is ideal, so you do not need to raise pH, but you do need slow release fertilizer throughout the year to prevent dips in fertility that can likewise cause plant stress.