Asked August 13, 2019, 1:44 PM EDT

Hi my name is Om and I need help convincing my parents to get a snake. The reason they said no is because one my mom doesn't like snakes she's not afraid just doesn't like them and secondly my dad is against the idea of bringing a "wild" animal into the house. He thinks that bringing a wild animal into the house is like taking me and slapping a collar on me put me in someone elses house or something. Please can you help me convince my parent into getting me a snake. (Btw I'm 13I forgot write my age at the start)

Denver County Colorado

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Hi Om,

Thank you for your question. Convincing parents to let you keep a snake can be a tough sell. Your Dad is correct. With so many snakes being bred in captivity now, it's not good to take one out of the wild. I would definitely start with a captive raised species like a corn snake, ratsnake or kingsnake. These species are good beginner snakes.

Here's an idea that might help your parents learn more about snakes and see that keeping one in your house is not all that unusual. The Colorado Herpetological Society is located in Denver and holds regular meetings where you can learn more about reptiles and amphibians.
Here's a link to their webpage.

You might try seeing if your parents would take you to one of the society's monthly meetings, so they could meet adults that keep snakes and possibly parents who let their children have snakes as pets. If they talk to some other adults who have been keeping snakes for a long time, it might help them feel more comfortable about letting your keep one yourself.

I hope this information helps and good luck!!