What are these?

Asked August 13, 2019, 1:31 PM EDT

Can someone please help me!! I live in a newly built development/apartment and ive recently had an issue with tiny black bugs on my ceilings at night (attracted to light) and have also predominately found them on the window sills and sometimes in the bathroom. They also appear near my ceiling vents and even in my bedroom. My apartment is not that big, it’s 825 sq ft. At first I thought that they may have been fungus gnats but I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar trick to no avail. These bugs do fly and are tinier than an ant. Last night I noticed possibly some larvae in my pantry and now I’m starting to believe that these may be flour beetles and are multiplying. My property management took a glance and couldn’t see anything, that’s how tiny these bugs are but I know I’m not crazy and I’ve now seen what looks like their casts. please help!!!

Lehigh County Pennsylvania

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It's very hard to see anything in these photos. The insect looks like a tiny weevil so it wouldn't be attracted to vinegar. If you can get a closeup, I'll send it to Penn State entomology for identification. Otherwise, take a specimen to your local Penn State Extension for identification and advice.