Arborvitae possible bagworm

Asked August 13, 2019, 1:01 PM EDT

I have 4 arborvitae one of them dried already. I attached the pics. I found one bagworm next to the dried arborvitae. The others are getting tilted foliage. So what can I do to prevent to spread at this time of the year in Michigan

Wayne County Michigan

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Bagworm can be a serious insect pest of arborvitae. This is a relatively new pest to Michigan and has be more commonly found in states south. Bagworm larvae injure plants when they feed on needles and leaves. At this time of the year and with smaller populations, just pick the bagworms off and drown them in a bucket of soapy water.
Here is a nice website from Purdue on bagworm.

I can't tell from our photo if the browning is due to feeding damage or if something else might be going on. You may want to send in a sample into MSU Diagnostic Services,
There is a fee for this service.

Thank you for your quick response. I am looking for bagworms but I can’t find them anymore. If I spray with Bonide Captains Jack’s Deadbugs, do u think can it help at this time of the year? What can I do to prevent not to spread the other trees. Other trees foliages are getting tilted. Does anything prevent it urgently?

I can't tell from your photos what exactly is going on. The plant symptoms could be bagworm but they could also be from over or under-watering trees or root rot. The foliage could be tilting because of cones or the plant is wilting. The brown one looks like it may be dead. You could did it up and examine the plant and roots. Healthy roots are white, unhealthy are black to brown. I would suggest you send a sample to MSU Diagnostic services to determine what is may be going on. Until we know the cause, we can't recommendations on the best management program.

The article from Purdue has recommendations and the best timing for control of bagworms.