Significant Needle Loss

Asked August 13, 2019, 12:56 PM EDT

We have a row of spruce trees that are losing their needles rapidly. We are looking for some direction as to how to treat these trees.

Kim and Paul Soderholm

Cass County North Dakota

1 Response

The most common causes of significant needle loss on spruce trees are environmental stress such as chemicals in the surrounding lawn areas, insects or disease. Diseases such as needle cast (rhizosphaera or stigmina) can cause needle drop from the lower branches or the areas that tend to stay wet such as the interior, shady or wind protected areas. Which disease may require needles be examined by microscope. You can call the extension agent at (701) 241-5700 with as much information as available on any insects seen, any chemicals applied to surrounding areas including roads and description of the needles.