cantalope split

Asked August 13, 2019, 11:20 AM EDT

After a quick hard rain that only delivered just under 1" several of my musk melons split, causing an entry point for insects, disease and spoilage. Would it be viable to apply a duct tap patch over it, perhaps with small strip of saran wrap right at the wound?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Although it seems like this would help, it's better to let the split air dry as much as possible. Spores and bacteria will already immediately be in the split and covering it will only make the split "environment" even more dark, moist and friendly for their growth.
If the fruits are not sitting on cardboard or clean straw, or the equivalent, to get them off the soil, lift them off now to keep the bottom dryer. Improve air circulation if possible.

When you harvest, simply cut out any bad spots.


Sometimes a dry plant that suddenly gets a lot of rain will split. In that case, keeping the soil more moist (not soggy necessarily) between rains can prevent the sudden swelling and resulting splits.

Thank you. Here's a tip you might want to consider. My melons and winter squash are on platforms cut (with saber/jig/hacksaw) from bottom 1" of 1.5-2 L plastic bottles. They all have indentations at bottom so when inverted any moisture will drain down, so I drill hole(s) at low point(s). They are high and dry.