Help my Rhubarb!!

Asked August 13, 2019, 10:39 AM EDT

Hello! My husband and I transplanted our rhubarb last summer to our new house. It seemed to do OK last summer, grew new leaves. We did find some slugs, and attempted to treat them. The rhubarb popped up this spring, and we decided not to use much of it to give it another year to establish, however... In the middle of this summer, we started to notice the leaves were turning yellow and the stalks were mushy ... eventually the leaves and stalks would turn completely brown and sluff off. I noticed some sliminess near the crown of the plants. We treated it with some insecticide. Now, one of the plants doesn't have any new growth ... the others do have new growth, but already leaves are showing signs of spotting yellow/brown. What can we do to save it?!?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Your problem will not be cured with insecticides. I suggest you dig your plants and carefully examine the roots. Cut off and destroy and that are not white and firm. You may have a virus. Then plant the healthy remainder in a different location. Here is a link to growing rhubarb. Click on the drop down box containing diseases: