Asked August 13, 2019, 10:35 AM EDT

I live on 12 acres of woods have a yard with lots of rock walls a small pond and lots and lots of chipmunks the last few days I have seen maybe one or two why would they all of a sudden disappear ?

Ulster County New York

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Thanks for your interest in your chipmunks. It is difficult to determine what may have happened to your chipmunks. The most common one that I can think of is that chipmunks will avoid the heat by spending little time above ground during the hottest times of the year. They will return to their normal active state after the heat passes to get ready for the winter hibernation.

Of course, they could be susceptible to disease, but it is rare that the population would suddenly decrease as a whole. Feel free to contact me if your chipmunks don't return once the temps cool down.