Hobby Farm - Low Fruit Yield

Asked August 13, 2019, 8:58 AM EDT

I am seeing very low fruit generation on my grape vines this year. An example is shown in the attached picture. An otherwise seemingly healthy vine only has 2 bunches with a total of 5 grapes hanging from it. My only explanation is damage from rose chafers. I see an infestation every year. This year did not seem much different from year's past, however. Your thoughts as to what may be going on? Thanks, Joel McElrath 650-714-4557

Grand Traverse County Michigan

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Well it did get cold this winter.
How much bloom did you have? Was it normal or light?
The fact that you only have 5 berries in a cluster could be due to the rose chafer eating the flowers. Are you organic? If not you could use an insecticide to kill the rose chafer when it emerges. If you are organic there are still materials you can use.