Corn speedwell

Asked August 12, 2019, 4:53 PM EDT

Should I put two applications of pendimethalin on my lawn to fully eradicate this weed? Now and maybe mid September? Thank you

i have not had any feedback on my question it was assigned I weant

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Most of the information I have found on timing usually says that corn speedwell germinates in the fall but is not specific. Penn State states it can germinate in late summer and into fall and I also found that information at another Extension site. They do list pendimethalin as a preemergent herbicide for corn speedwell. So your thoughts of applying it now and again later in fall may be correct but the final word should be the herbicide label which will state how often it can be applied. Make sure to check the label since multiple applications timed too close together may cause problems. See the following information from Penn State: