Suckers in my yard

Asked August 12, 2019, 3:05 PM EDT

I’ve got what seem to be suckers coming up in my yard. Every year they spread further and further. When I started digging them up I noticed they are coming from roots under ground. Some of the roots are 3/4” in diameter and 5’ long, after they snap off when I try and pull them out. The leaves on the suckers resemble those of two lilacs I have. Are the roots/suckers coming from the lilacs? I only have two trees in my backyard, a poplar and maple. Thank you.

Washington County Minnesota

3 Responses

Poplars and lilacs are both capable or producing suckers at a considerable distance from the parent plant. If the leaves resemble lilac more than poplar, lilac is probably the source.

Does this mean to get rid of the suckers I should probably get rid off my lilacs?

If you can not tolerate the suckers, removing the parent plant or plants is the best solution in the long run. Even then It may take a while for the suckers to stop appearing.

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