Arborvitae Thuja Occidentalis dried

Asked August 12, 2019, 1:17 PM EDT

I have 4 arborvitae in my yard. One of them is completely dried out. I watered them well. The beginning of last week, I found a bag worm by the dried arborvitae hanging on the tree (just one). I pulled it and the silky part came too. I saw another bag worm on my front yard on the raspberry plant. But recently I have been checking everyday, there are no bagworms at all. So my question is, how can I protect my remaining 3 trees? Is there any chance to make my dried tree healthy again? Do you think is it only a bagworm issue, or id it another problem as well?

Wayne County Michigan

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Attached is an article about bagworms which could also be helpful for you.

You are doing the best thing by looking everyday. Manual removal is a most effective organic control method. Unfortunately I believe, by virtue of the photos, the tree to be gone. It may be possible something else impacted the tree, but without other indications of pest or disease it's not possible to determine another cause.