bottlebrush buckeye

Asked August 12, 2019, 12:15 PM EDT

I am looking for deer resistant shrub that will grow in part shade. I have found bottlebrush buckeye on the internet that looks like an attractive shrub. Is it hardy in Mpls area? Part shade; pH 7.4 well drained soil. If this is a reasonable choice, do you where they are available?

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The information that I've found indicates that it might be suitable. It is listed as hardy to zone 4. I am somewhat leery of the fact that it is not commonly grown here. This site reputable site:
lists it as hardy to zone 4, but in the text says it is winter hardy throughout zone 5. If it were just a perennial and you weren't investing so much time, money and garden space, I'd be more enthusiastic. If you do try it, perhaps expect some winter dieback.

For other choices read here, check the deer-resistant plants here:

Michael Dirr says there are specimens in Maine where they withstood temps of -31 degrees F. He also says that there are specimens at the MN arboretum but I do not know how one might find them. I would be interested to try but have not been able to locate a source.

Of the shrubs on the list that deer don't like, they have been feasting on some nannyberry that I put out last fall - especially frustrating because I live right next to a preserve on Nine Mile Creek where there is abundant grass and other vegetation. Second, I have a place in northern Wisconsin where I planted Northern Lights azaleas - the deer regularly eat flower buds - apparently they have not read the list.

Yes, an old Master Gardener friend of mine once said that the deer don't read the literature. A hungry deer will eat anything (including bottlebrush buckeye).

I'm sorry I forgot this link in my first post. You can find a source here:
Look for Aesculus parviflora. You could also try calling a local garden center and ask them to order you for one for next spring.

And zone 4 means hardy to -35. Some of us are old enough to remember -35 in the Twin Cities.