Large ant mounds

Asked August 11, 2019, 1:32 PM EDT

Wondering what kind of ants are building large mounds with extensive underground colonies in this area. Our property is located in Old Snowmass at approx 8500 ft in elevation with mostly gambles oak, sage and some small scattered aspen. The ants are medium sized reddish thorax and black ends... the mounds are cropping up all over the place. What is the best way to control them (not into wiping them out completely)...

Pitkin County Colorado

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This looks like a harvester ant mound. See for details.

Because they generally occur in natural areas and because their abundance varies from year to year, there generally is little need for control. If they become problematic in agricultural lands, which is unusual, there are toxic ant baits available.

Thank you for your input. I came to the same "unconfirmed" conclusion...