ground cover and weeds

Asked August 11, 2019, 9:02 AM EDT

I would like to transplant sections of ground cover into a new planting bed. This ground cover is currently intertwined with crabgrass. If I separate the ground cover and weeds, is it likely that weed seeds will be carried to the new planting bed? Thank you for your assistance.

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As you are digging the ground cover, just pull out the crabgrass, and if it doesn't pull easily, you should be able to tease it out of the groundcover once you have it out of the ground.
That crabgrass looks young and hasn't really started to spread or flower/seed yet so it should be easy. You won't be transplanting seeds necessarily, but there is likely what we call a 'seed bank' within your soil already from seeds dropped there in previous seasons. If you are digging/disturbing soil, you will want to either mulch around plants or pull out any volunteer plants/weeds that pop up while they are young.
Crabgrass is a common annual weed that dies with frost, and gets started again in the spring, growing from the seed bank. Some people use pre-emergent herbicides in early spring to stop it from germinating.