No reptiles

Asked August 10, 2019, 5:30 PM EDT

I have not seen any frogs, toads, grasshoppers, turtles or other creatures in my yard garden since moving to Wilmington Manor over 10 years ago. Is there something I can do to draw them or purchase them? Had to buy ladybugs a few years back.

New Castle County Delaware reptile and amphibian habitat

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Thank you for your question. In order to attract these animals to your property, you have to have suitable habitat for them. A good habitat is a system that provides food, water, shelter and suitable area to reproduce. Improper or overuse of pesticides and herbicides can eliminate food and shelter by killing the insects and plants that these creatures depend on for food, and eliminating vegetation they need for shelter to protect themselves from predators and provide an adequate habitat.

Here is a link to some NC State Cooperative Extension publications that provide specific guidance for attracting birds, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians and wildlife in general to your property. They apply to North Carolina species, but the principles are the same, regardless of where you live:

The information in these publications, along with contacting your Delaware Cooperative Extension, can help identify steps you can take to make your landscape more attractive to these species.

I hope this information helps and thank you for contacting Ask an Expert.