Asked August 10, 2019, 3:22 PM EDT

What kind of bees would be likely to build a nest under a cement front porch. They are constantly coming and going all day. They definitely are not Bumble Bees, they are much smaller in size. If it would help you I can take a picture of the are they are in.

Oakland County Michigan

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Michigan has about 450 species of bees. A variety of small bees can nest in the ground. If you respond with a picture, I might be able to identify which type of bee is nesting beneath your porch. Sweat bees are a common ground-nesting bee in many habitats. Here is more information about the types of bees that nest in the ground. . Bees can be opportunistic in selecting nest sites. If they are not causing any disturbance, I recommend letting them continue to co-exist beneath your porch.

Here are the pictures that we managed to get. They really move quickly. Any help you can offer
would be wonderful. They have decided to take up residence by our front door.

These are german yellowjackets. The good news is that they do not use the same nest the following year. In the fall, the workers will die and the queen will leave the nest in search of a different area.

Should you wish to eradicate the wasps nowl, an insecticide dust applied to the nest opening would be effective. Only apply chemicals at night when wasps are not flying. Do not try to plug the nest before Fall, as this may cause the wasps to chew an opening to a different area. The bottom 2 paragraphs of the following document will provide further guidance about nest removal. These wasps can be aggressive in defending the nest, so exercise caution if trying to apply chemicals.

Thank you so much for your identification and information. I appreciate it so much.
I do have one more question about an additional habitat in the front of our house, It is in an ornamental crab tree. I assume it is a type of wasp nest but wondered if you knew what kind and the
best way to get rid of it. We seem to be very popular with the wasps this summer.

That is a bald faced hornets nest. They are excellent predators of spiders, caterpillars, other wasps, and flies but are also highly defensive of their nests. All of the workers will die at or just before the arrival of freezing temperatures. Only the queen will survive winter.

Exercise extreme caution if trying to remove the nest and follow the guidelines here If you're looking for an interesting decoration, you can leave the nest alone until November and collect the nest, which should be empty.

Thank you so much for the information again. Perhaps since they really are not bothering us at all we will just leave it as an outdoor decoration until the first frost. Not exactly sure why we are so popular this summer. We have lived here since 1985 and have never had trouble with wasps before. The nest must we very well built and water proof. We had over 8 inches of rain last night and the nest is still in perfect condition. Again thank you so much for all of your help and expertise.