What kind of Apple is this?

Asked August 10, 2019, 3:12 PM EDT

What kind of apple tree is this, and are they edible? The tree is about 15 ft tall, the apples produced are small and blush pink, with an average diameter of 2-3inches across. My husband took a bite of one and said it was more sweet than sour.

Multnomah County Oregon

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There are so many different apples grown in our area - and many new ones constantly being developed. Your apples are summer apples - ripe in August. Other apples are fall apples - ripe in September and October or winter apples which are best after a frost in November. Your apples taste sweet, and the appearance is fairly small and colored pink blush with some striping. They look delicious! Size is often not a characteristic as most apple trees are grafted onto different sized root stock which determines how tall the tree will get. Different root stocks allow you to get the apple you want in the size you want.

All apples, that I know of are edible, some are just more palatable than others. There are differences in texture (crisp to soft), taste (sweet to sour - cooking apples) and flavor. Everyone has their favorite - several places around the Portland area, notably Portland Nursery, have apple tastings usually in late September-October. They always have an amazing number of apple varieties available to taste.

There are several web sites describing different apple varieties where you can compare yours. This one, Apple Varieties http://pickyourown.org/apples.htm organizes the apples by ripening date. This one from WSU lists common apple varieties in the Pacific Northwest, Apple Varieties http://treefruit.wsu.edu/varieties-breeding/cultivar-guide/.

My advice is to enjoy eating your apples fresh, then try using them to make applesauce, cakes and pies. That will help you determine what uses are best for them.