Juniper evergreen 7 ‘tall

Asked August 9, 2019, 10:32 PM EDT

Took a brown ball type item to local home and garden business identified as a gull told to remove gull and move the mulch outward 3 inches at the trunk. I have this juniper five years never ever watered or protected it. PA had winter winds and the tree had a hard time recovering but did. Lots and lots of spring rain. Now hot hot and very dry. I have been watering and seems more green. When it was hot I did not water previous years- it did well This juniper is on a bank on the northwest back yard. Any suggestions? Gull is a virus correct? ? Checked the tree and I only found 2 gulls. The inside of the tree is dying and dry - I can now see the trunk of the tree, juniper needles are on the much I have been watering every other day at the drip line.

Dauphin County Pennsylvania trees and shrubs

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Your description suggests your juniper is suffering from cedar rust or needle blight disease. Your description indicated the tree is dying from the inside out which suggests cercospora blight. The following link describes the most common juniper diseases, their causes, symptoms, and possible remedies.