Variegated Salal?

Asked August 9, 2019, 6:26 PM EDT

Variegated salal? Is this of interest? Patrick Breen kindly referred to this page in response to these questions.
I read:
"If you don't see anything on the underside of the leaves, can you please let me know either as a response to this email or directly at"

Lane County Oregon

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Thanks for your interesting photos! This Salal with a branch of white leaves is not an uncommon occurrence among plants. Sometimes a single branch will develop a genetic mutation that causes a change in, or complete lack of, chlorophyll in the leaves. If it is an attractive variegation, it may be vegetatively propagated and become a new variety of that plant. Leaves with no chlorophyll at all, though, are unable to photosynthesize, so there is no point in trying to propagate it. The colorless leaves are also prone to burning in the sun, so I suggest simply cutting that branch off.

Hah, yes, they burn just like that!