What happened to my Mining Bees?

Asked August 9, 2019, 5:38 PM EDT

We live on a typical suburban lot a little less than half an acre. We have had Mining Bees in part of our lawn for at least 20 years. Many neighbors have them too. This year, our bees may have come out briefly in the early spring but they disappeared and didn't show again. We have new next-door neighbors that hired a pest control company to exterminate their Mining Bees. I found that the company applied Bifen L/P to their yard. I've researched Bifen L/P and it is not supposed to migrate so it should have stayed in their yard. Of course, the same is not true for the bees - our bees may have visited their yard. So, what is the probability that the neighbors exterminated my bees? Or, could this have just been weather related, or some other cause, and not related to the neighbor's pesticide? If the neighbor's pesticide treatment was likely responsible, what are my options (other than politely petitioning the neighbor to not repeat next year?) Thank you so much for your insight.

Howard County Maryland

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There may be several reasons for no mining bees this season. Could be weather, disease, etc. we cannot say for sure. The wet weather we had last season and the cool wet spring may have contributed to this. I usually have many mining bees in my landscape and had none this season. I have noticed this also in past wet seasons.

In general bifenthrin is a broad spectrum insecticide and can affect many insects. We cannot say if this was a factor. You may want to contact the National Pesticide Information Line for more information