Asked August 9, 2019, 5:10 PM EDT

If anyone could make a guess of a very large moth which at first thought to be a dwarf hummingbird. Daylight hours bright sun and hot when I saw it, August 05 2019. About 4:00 PM. Had a multi colored kind of greenish abdomen and prominent black antennae. It was getting nectar from wild flowers along the Munuscong River. It hovered at the flower as a hummingbird would. I did not have a camera unfortunately. I have never seen one of these moths. What was unusual was in broad daylight and the flying action to enable it to hover in a stationary position at the flower. This is in the eastern Upper Peninsula. I tried to find an image on google with no luck. Does MSU have any images of Michigan moths. Thank you so much.

Chippewa County Michigan

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Without a picture all I can do is name the usual day-flying moths that hover and feed like hummingbirds:
White-lined sphinx (very numerous last year in Michigan) image attached.

Hummingbird sphinx moth (smaller, but often with a green sheen) image attached.

Check out these pages from the "moth photographers group" on the web: